Unique Gifts For Mother’s Day-Part II

Photo of a model holding a bag with a print design

Let’s continue with the recommendations for our esteemed mothers. Get some one of a kind fashion pieces for her to cherish :).

Photo of a model holding a bag with a print design

”Blue Spider On The Wall” Shoulder Bag-this one is handmade and carries one of my oldest print designs. It’s made of smooth faux leather and has gunmetal hardware. Great for accompanying her to her next outing, or even daily activities. Shop here

Model wearing a Bomber jacket with my floral print

“Dangerous Blue Twine” Bomber Jacket- A fun Bomber Jacket for your mom to flex with 😊. Get it here

Model wearing a sarong with an abstract art print design.

“Lady Mosaic” Sarong-Great for your mom to hit the beach or poolside with. Shop for it here

Model wearing a sarong with plant designs

“Blue Strand On A Twig” Sarong- Another bright and colorful number for your mom’s next beach outing. Shop here

Model wearing sports bra with plants print design

“Tattered Greenery” Sports Bra- A brightly colored and printed sports bra for your mom’s gym trips. Buy it here

A model slinging a small shoulder bag

“A Kaleidoscope” Small Shoulder Bag-This cute and elegant bag features gold hardware and made out of smooth, faux leather. Mom would love it 😍! Shop here

A pair of sneakers with an abstract print design

“A Kaleidoscope” Faux Leather Sneakers-Nice and colorful sneakers for her casual outfit 😊. Get it here .

Model wearing bralette

“Splatter and Dot” Scoop bralette- One can’t go wrong with colorful underwear 😊. Available exclusively from here

Look out for part III of this series whilst you narrow down your choices. Speak soon!

Afua Boadu

I am a fashion and interior designer with a penchant for Gaultieresque pieces. My aesthetic involves the creation and use of print designs and lots of colors! My Bachelor of Arts' degrees are in fine/visual/performing arts, french and fashion design. I have over 15 years of work experience, 10 of which are in the Fashion Industry and 1 of which is in Interior design.