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I am a fashion and interior designer with a penchant for Gaultieresque pieces. My aesthetic involves the creation and use of print designs and lots of colors! My Bachelor of Arts' degrees are in fine/visual/performing arts, french and fashion design. I have over 15 years of work experience, 10 of which are in the Fashion Industry and 1 of which is in Interior design.

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Graduation photo from Unsplash by Good Free Photos (@goodfreephoto_com) It’s been a difficult year. Especially for kids, teenagers and college students as they were forced to isolate from one another, complete (or not) the school year in lockdown conditions and face uncertainty. Well, it’s a year after the pandemic started, with vaccine rollouts and lessening infections we can look forward to well, moving forward. Speaking of moving on, graduation is slowly coming up for all …

New Year, New You {no, really :) }

Happy (relatively) new year! Yes we are already two months in but it’s still appropriate to wish y’all! This year, despite the lingering uncertainty that Covid-19 brings, has started well. New prospects, new ventures and new ideas are blossoming. I’m working on new interior design objects, travel plans that will hopefully kick off by the Fall, new skills and classes to master and fundraising efforts for both my labels. My first yarn globe light project …